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Talent Development


With our services in Talent Development, we support our clients in identifying, securing and developing the potential of their current and future employees. Our Onboarding services provide new employees with a good start. By identifying their particular talents/skills and needs via Management Diagnostics and Potential Analysis we help the company foster the strengths of their new hires. While working on specific topics/development areas with targeted coaching we support our clients with employee retention, effective assignment of tasks and roles as well as long-term succession planning.


Our Management Diagnostics support our clients’ most important personnel decisions and help them select the right people for key positions. Assessing future, required management competencies and employees’ flexibility and change readiness is crucial; e.g., especially in the course of post-merger integration and

large-scale change processes. Knowing and managing the strengths, weaknesses and personal specifics of employees enables the creation of teams with complementary capabilities and ensures the sustainable, effective collaboration of teams and divisions in a changing market environment.


The prognosis of an employee’s future developmental potential enables decisions relevant to his/her fit in terms of a defined task or environment. It provides greater clarity regarding individual career steps and paths. Identifying and fostering the development of hidden talents leads to sustained motivation and commitment of performers and potential performers, helps optimize team structures and ensures effective succession planning.


We provide advice on strategic issues, such as the organization of the company and its decision-making powers and processes, strategies for the development of human potential as part of the business plan, as well as advice on the implementation of tailor-made solutions for critical people management processes. 

Other areas in which TANDEM PERSONNEL SERVICES ® provides consulting services are the management of recruitment activities, job definition, resp. assistance in determining job competencies, defining the personal preconditions of employees, targeted quality management, knowledge development planning and defining development programs, including career development planning.

Change Management – to implement fundamental changes in your company, we will prepare a so-called Change Management Plan, so that the change is properly managed so that what works well in your company is not destroyed.

HR restructuring – we will design an “ideal model” of HR processes for your company, including effective implementation measures and a realistic time schedule. Together with you, we will implement the “model” in your company.



We will prepare, implement and evaluate a survey of internal communication for your company. Based on the results, we will then propose a plan of effective measures.


Based on the analysis of the performance of your teams, we will propose effective measures to achieve the required level and help you implement them.


Assessment centers provide our clients with the opportunity for a quick, objectively measurable and professionally guided assessment of the current state and quality of human potential of a larger group of employees or candidates.

The results of the assessment center will reliably support decision-making in external and internal tenders, designing team and individual development plans, setting up work teams and many other processes. The structure of the assessment center performed by us is designed on the basis of the latest methodological knowledge as well as the requirements and specifics of individual clients. It contains multidisciplinary techniques for evaluating the strengths and developmental aspects of participants, communication skills, people management, planning and solving typical situations.

Management Assessment should be used when changing the ownership structure of the company, when changing the company’s strategy and goals or when reorganizing the company. Also when changing the orientation to new markets and a new competitive environment or when setting or revising employee development plans.

The Assessment Center (AC) is suitable for selecting new employees. The Development Center (DC) is suitable for preparing development plans. Each of them has its own specifics.

We will prepare AC / DC according to your needs, or we will allow you to try one “in draft”.

Ensuring defined activities in the process of merging companies:

  • Build an organizational / distribution / sales model of the newly formed team
  • Ensuring the selection of employees with the required profile for the new organization (conducting selection interviews, assessment centers, outplacement, planning the cost of human resources against a defined budget)
  • Ensuring an internal communication plan and compiling a motivational portfolio
  • Ensuring a plan for building and monitoring the internal company culture and its changes  


  • Introduction of a company-wide employee performance management system
  • Assessment centers
  • Objective selection of employees and compilation of work teams
  • The process of personal growth as a form of development of the use of human potential in the company
  • Personality typology MBTI as a tool for the development of individual and team dynamics


These tools are not an end in themselves for us. We use them as a supplement to training and coaching programs according to the needs of the situation and the client’s interest:

  • work motivation test
  • conflict resolution test (Thomas – Killmann)
  • team role test (Belbin) personality typology MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)


We offer Coaching to support our clients focusing on their employees’ development fields, to avoid over and under-challenging work and to prepare them for specific new tasks and roles such as a first or an extended leadership responsibility.

Coaching helps employees increase their individual resilience by strengthening their capacity for self-monitoring and developing effective conflict and stress management strategies. Furthermore, coaching enables employees to positively deal with change and maintain their productivity while leading others through turbulent times.

Coaching is a process that supports the search for individual solutions and human development in his chosen field. The coach is not a coach or advisor, but seeks solutions together with the client. The term comes from the English verb coach (to train, to lead). Understanding the essence of coaching is also facilitated by the metaphor of a coach or stagecoach – as a means of helping an important person get from where they are to where they want to be in a comfortable way. (Wikipedia)

Mentoring is a process in which a more experienced or older person, who takes care of a younger and less experienced mentee, is his support and mentor, helping him to get to know himself better, his potential and his abilities. (Wikipedia)



Our Onboarding Services support the orientation and integration of new employees in our clients’ organizations. Tailored orientation plans, individual measures to foster social integration, mutual expectation management and continuous

communication help shorten the time-to-productivity of new employees. By reducing friction and conflict during the orientation phase, both job satisfaction and emotional commitment to the new organization and team is ensured.


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