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During the past three years the Tandem Personnel Services has conducted over 90 Executive Search projects accross ECE region. A significant number were for Senior Executives in commercial area, R&D, Product Development, Operations and Commercial as well as Corporate functions. Besides carrying out search assignments, we also offer market mappings: providing our clients with detailed insights into their target markets.


We have subdivided our hiring process into six stages.


We specialize in the selection of candidates for managerial and specialized positions in the pharmaceutical industry, the financial services and banking sector, sales and marketing of consumer goods, logistics, and distribution and professional services.

Our successfully employed employees work mainly in key managerial and specialized positions such as corporate top management, sales and marketing management, market research, logistics and production management, personnel and financial management and very often also legal and information-communication professions.

We know the competitive environment of the market, we know potential candidates, we know the environment and client requirements. Thanks to this knowledge, our search for workers and interesting jobs is always maximally effective and successful



In order to help our clients get a better understanding of their competitors’ landscape, we offer market intelligence via market mappings. These mappings give detailed insights of company structures, market approaches, team sizes, etc. that enable our clients to make better decisions regarding their business strategy. Within Talent Acquisition, market mappings represent a stand-alone service but, of course, can also be combined with a search assignment. In a Market Mapping process we:

  • Define clear objectives of project: company structure, targeted companies, regional scope, salary benchmarks, candidate availability
  • Deliver transparency on goal within 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity of assignment
  • Reduce uncertainties via detailed market data
  • Communicate consistently with client throughout process
  • Present final results, including written report, personally
  • Recommend appropriate actions and requisite consultancy for follow-up based on results


In cooperation with the personnel department of our clients, we help develop the importance of human “capital”. Of course, this work also includes caring for employees when they leave the company, sometimes involuntarily. The modern approach is therefore to care for those who have to leave their jobs as a result of various changes.

In cooperation with employers, we try to eliminate the negative impact of this situation on employees and at the same time help build the employer’s good name – by applying the outplacement program.

Our outplacement program helps employers and employees especially in the following situations:

  • management coping with an unpleasant situation that can damage the company’s image
  • managing the support of a redundant worker in finding a new job
  • mitigating the negative effect on workers who remain and promoting the company’s reputation as a good employer
  • finding and recommending a suitable job offer
  • The cost of outplacement is borne by the employer and we carry it out as a neutral, external supplier. The aim and advantage of such a procedure is in particular the separation and management of the negative emotions that accompany each such breakup.


The program itself lasts about one to two months, during which trust is established between the two parties and the mental state of the worker is stabilized.

Another part of this program, in cooperation with a job seeker, is:

  • Initial specification and definition of the whole process of assistance in finding a new application
  • Preparation for the job search process and assistance in orienting oneself on the labor market
  • Help with orientation in the sources of job offers
  • Preparation of resume and cover letter
  • Preparation for the interview, including an interview based on competencies and psychotests, using role trainings and structured interviews
  • Performing test diagnostics and analysis of its results with an employee
  • Designing optimal job opportunities with reference to the current situation in the job market
  • Recommendation of the most suitable offers on the market and preparation for each individual interview or admission procedure
  • Assistance in obtaining references for a potential employer and assistance in organizing meetings and interviews
  • Elaboration of a list of potential employers, contacting the personnel departments of these companies and, with the applicant’s consent, possible presentation of the CV.


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