John Winston and Olivia Ferreira shake hands and smile into the camera for the press photo. A possible merger of the two companies had long been rumoured and the industry excitedly awaited the new global player on the market. While her American partner, in a great mood, spoke a few pithy words into the microphone to the reporters, in her thoughts, Ferreira was back with her team. Who would she be able to take with her on the long journey? For whom would there soon be no more space in the new organization? These were the questions currently on her mind.

Satisfied, Pierre Lagarde leans back in his chair. His first days as Managing Director of MedtechTron SA had gone well. He had obtained an overview of the company’s financial situation and had already gotten to know the majority of the staff. However, he could not yet really assess the management qualities of the senior executives he had met in person in the past week. Up to now, there had been no targeted staff development at MedtechTron; the managers, some of whom had been with the company for over 20 years, had gradually “grown into” their tasks. Lagarde decides to take stock. “If I’m going to successfully lead this company into the future, I have to know whom I can count on in tackling upcoming difficulties. Also, who knows what unused potential may be slumbering in the ranks of my new team?”

“From now, we’re going in a completely different direction,” Paul Livingston said with a clenched fist. “I’ve got a good feeling, Dan.” “With all due respect to your optimism,” smiled his board colleague, Daniel Smith, “are you sure we’ve got the right people on board?” The strategy meeting had lasted for hours and Livingston was very happy with the result but his colleague had a point – they’d still have to think about the right team for the turnaround.

Riccardo Monteverdi looks out of the window and at the factory hall from which his employees are streaming out into the Christmas season festivities. For him, the holidays will be a time to take decisions. There will definitely be intense discussions in his house again but the basic situation remains unchanged: none of his children will take over running the business when he steps down from his own company after over 30 years. It’s time to decide on a successor and it has to be someone from the staff; this much is clear to him. His people would never accept a manager “from outside” and he also feels more secure with the idea of putting his life’s work into the hands of a trusted employee. However, who could come to mind for this task?

Now she had it in black and white: sales had continually fallen over the past few months. But the market environment hadn’t changed and the busiest time of the year in their business had only just begun. Livia Pettersson didn’t understand what was happening. She had definitely noticed the recent bad mood among the sales reps but she had chalked this up to the departure of two long-serving and respected employees. Now, she wasn’t sure whether the notices handed in weren’t more the result of the ill-feeling that actually had other causes. One thing was certain: she had to act quickly and needed to address the executives. They had the greatest overview and sufficient scope to influence the implementation of short-term measures as soon as the underlying problem had been identified. Pettersson had to find out what the reasons for the difficulties were in their opinion and to what extent they were capable and willing to actively cooperate in making changes.

Perhaps you recognize one or two of these situations or one of the following scenarios:

For us, all these cases have one thing in common – an objective external perspective would ensure more clarity!

A professionally conducted management appraisal

can form the basis for change processes and development measures as well as provide important information for upcoming decisions in the company.

Your benefits:

-> can it be implemented with the existing management team?

-> should individual team members or the team as a whole be developed?

-> does additional talent have to be obtained from outside?

What is important here:

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