Požadované vzdělání:

Medical Doctor/ Master Degree in Pharmacy (PharmDr., Mgr.)

Požadované dovednosti:

Demonstrates a broad vision

Steps back and develops a broad, comprehensive and long-term vision
of his/her area of activity, sets out a strategy and translates it into concrete action, in order to differentiate Ipsen and give it Key competitive advantages

Drives execution

Identifies the resources and indicators required for implementing
and managing projects and action plans, gathers relevant information and takes appropriate decisions within a suitable timescale ensuring objectives are achieved

Drives Accountbility

Strives to assume his/her responsibilities when conducting his/her activities, is personally committed and takes responsibility for his/her performance

Displays Leadership

Strives to emphasize his/her ideas and their added value for company
establishes and maintains an environment that encourages committed and motivated employees, influences and drives ideas and behaviors, leads the way in developing collective efficiency

Fosters team work

Acts as a good team player, establishes an atmosphere that promotes
the exchange of ideas and encourages individuals to express themselves,develops collaborative approaches and encourages team work

Strives for Excellence

Acts as a good team player, establishes an atmosphere that promotes

the exchange of ideas and encourages individuals to express themselves,develops collaborative approaches and encourages team work

Ensures continuous customer focus

Actively listens to customers (end customer, internal or external partners) with the aim of detecting their needs, takes these into account

as best as possible in short term and mid-term actions and to guarantee high standard of quality of servic

Fosters innovative organization

Creates an environment that encourages the development

of an entrepreneurial spirit, promotes creativity and the emergence of new ideas, and supports the implementation of highly innovative systems or approaches within the company

Promotes a nimble organization and demonstrates agility

Sets the path for change and implements it, creates conditions that will motivate players and staff with a view to simplifying both processes and the organization and aligning them with the group’s strategy

Požadovaná praxe:

Minimum 5 years of experience in Medical department of multinational company

Experience with management of clinical studies, regulatory and pharmacovigilance.

Experience with people management.

Platové ohodnocení:

Popis pozice:

Purpose of the position –  for an innovative, international pharmaceutical company

  • Coordinate and manage medical affairs department within country – medical advisors, MSLs
  • Scientific support to documentation related to  products and therapeutic areas where is company involved
  • Coordinate in collaboration with Global Research and Development department the local performance of clinical trials.
  • Responsibility for regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance
  • Directs all aspects of organisation´s medical policies, standards and programmes and ensures all medical activities are compliant with all applicable regulations
  • As cluster brand medical lead one key product supervisory medical support on CE Cluster level

Clinical Trials

To facilitate and coordinate the participation of Czech Republic in clinical trials developed by R&D / GMA

To advise and coordinate local clinical trials, both Company-sponsored and Investigator-sponsored studies

To deliver feasibility of CT and propose clinical centers for participation to R&D / GMA & EA Med HQ international studies

Business Support

  • To ensure development and maintenance of a medical and scientific information service in the key areas to provide support to Health Care Professionals
  • To manage and mentor medical advisors and MSLs and conduct their performance appraisal for medical affairs and lead medical organisation to deliver effective teamwork
  • Whenever requested, to provide expert clinical opinion/information to external and internal customers
  • To cooperate cross functionally with market access, finance, quality affairs, sales and marketing teams
  • To support Marketing department in the elaboration/review and approval of promotional materials ensuring that all local legal requirements and other applicable (e.g. Ethical codes) as well as those established by the Company Group are met
  • To ensure sales force medical training on key technical and scientific areas and products
  • To maintain a “library” of relevant articles, presentations provided by experts to company
  • To participate at brand teams´ work and campaigns preparation
  • To prepare Medical Budget and Local Annual Medical plans, to participate on preparation of brand strategic plans with focus on their medical parts
  • To build and maintain relations with Thought Leaders in main therapeutic areas
  • To keep high scientific profile and medical knowledge within the relevant therapeutic areas
  • To ensure medical responsibility for execution of scientific activities related to key products on CE cluster level, to coordinate close collaboration in dystonia/spasticity/aesthetic indication area with respective medical functions in CE cluster, to drive the alignment of implementation of medical plans related to a Product, to manage Product CE cluster advisory boards in respective therapeutic areas and to regularly update cluster medical team about new data in this therapeutic area.
  • Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance
  • In area of regulatory affairs to ensure timely and quality submissions to relevant regulatory authorities
  • To ensure the required medical support to pharmacovigilance responsible person in all matters related to this area, as required by Standard Operational Procedures
  • To act in Superuser role in Medical Information system  for Czech Republic


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PHDr. Petr Kovanda

PHDr. Petr Kovanda